BSS-00318 – Solar Lantern



Solar Camping Lantern

This rechargeable Solar Camping Lantern with a USB charging port is perfect for all camp lighting needs. 28 white LED’s can be set at either high or low intensity providing as much light as a 35 watt bulb. A built in sealed, maintenance free, rechargeable lithium lantern battery is included. It may also be easily replaced when necessary. The solar lantern can be recharged during the day using the external solar panel connected to the lantern with a 9.5 ft. cord.

At times when 120V household power is available, the lantern can be recharged using the plug in transformer included. A red/green LED indicator tells you when the battery is full. On a full charge the lantern will operate for 12 hours on the standard intensity setting, or 6 hours on the highest intensity setting. A large hook on the top of the lantern allow it to be hung from virtually anything. A one year warranty covers the lantern, and a 10 year warranty covers the solar panel. The expected lifespan of the lighting system is 12,000 hours.


Additional information

Weight 3.25 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 13 x 13 in


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