12 Volt Sunwanderer Roof Top Solar Kits

12 Volt Sunwanderer Roof Top Solar Kits

For owners of larger RV’s or boats, there is a lot of unused roof top or cabin top space perfectly suited for mounting solar panels. Panels on the roof can be flush mounted requiring no adjustments, or they can be placed on tilt brackets so they can be lifted to face the sun. A properly adjusted solar panel can produce 30-50% more power, especially during the winter months when the sun is low in the sky. Roof top panels are wired to a ‘combiner box’, then to a ‘charge controller‘ before heading on to the battery bank. Designing a suitable roof top system can be as simple as installing a ‘pre-packaged’ system. The size of the system you need is a function of how much power you use. Everyone is different. For an energy demand calculator, click here. Once you have determined the amount of energy you typically use, the size of the system is easily determined. For some, smaller ‘packaged’ systems, can produce some or all of the energy needed. These packaged systems contain all of the components needed, save the installer time and you money. For others, when the energy demand is higher, a custom design is required especially where 3 or more panels are involved. If you have any questions-about roof topi systems, ask us.

R.T.S. SOLAR SOLUTIONS stocks a variety of solar panels for RV, marine and off-grid systems. R.T.S. SOLAR SOLUTIONS features Solarland ‘A’ grade solar panels designed specifically for off-grid mobile applications. ‘A’ grade solar panels are designed using the highest efficiency poly, multi, or monocrystalline solar cells available in the world today. These ‘A’ grade panels are assembled into thicker, sturdier frames than those found in ordinary ‘B’ grade solar panels. And finally, ‘A’ grade solar panels have a low coefficient of temperature which results in higher overall energy output, especially when used during warm summer weather. When mounting our solar panels, we recommend the SLB-0102 flush mount bracket set, or the SLB-0103 tilt mount bracket set both sold here. Other mounting methods are also available.

R.T.S. SOLAR SOLUTIONS can help to work with shops in your area during the installation process to ensure proper installation. With the rapidly changing conditions in the solar industry today, material costs change quickly making it difficult to quote system pricing on our website. Please call us directly for price quotes.

Custom Builds

When a pre-packaged solar system isn’t enough, or when a medium or high energy demand requires multiple panels, a custom designed solar system is often the best solution. Custom doesn’t always mean expensive. Custom designs ensure the right products are selected including wire gauge, proper connectors, best controller, correct fuses, and the correct brackets. Another benefit of a custom design is the ability to build-in expansion capability. Finally, a custom designed solar system means having a custom installation involving careful wire and component placement. A custom solar system may involve the use of an Inverter which converts the 12V battery power into 120V power. An Inverter is needed to operate household appliances such as a microwave, coffee pot, or TV. The size of the Inverter is determined by the types of household devices that will be connected. Some RV’s may already be equipped with an Inverter. If not, the designers at R.T.S. SOLAR SOLUTIONS can help you determine the size of Inverter you need, along with the correct accessories to ensure a proper Installation.

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