Deep Cycle Lithium Marine Batteries

Deep Cycle Lithium Marine Batteries

Unlock LiFePO4’s Full Potential

With The RELiON Lithium-ion Battery

Talk to a lithium-ion sales representative within 24 hours of your first request.If your application requires a power source with superior performance and a long battery life span, it’s time to choose a RELiON lithium-ion battery. How do lithium-ion batteries work to provide more efficient power to your application? Consider the following facts.

RELiON’s LiFePO4 solutions offer:

  • Battery Performance: 30% more energy-dense than a lead acid battery. 99% efficiency per unit. Effective in high and low temperatures.
  • Battery Cell Safety: automatic, temperature-based cutoff. Built-in safety fuse and high-pressure safety vent. LiFePO4 chemistry with flame retardant in explosion-proof, stainless steel case.
  • Battery Life Span: 3000-5000 cycles @ 100% DOD per unit. High capacity over many cycles (ex: 80.1% after 2000 cycles).

RELiON’s lithium-ion batteries are also environmentally conscious, developed without hazardous lead acid chemicals.

Relion Lithium Batteries

Please call 520-531-0019 for sizes and pricing. More to come in the future.

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