B&B AGM Batteries

B&B AGM Batteries

B.B. Battery is committed to the VRLA industry’s standards of exceptional quality and reliability. Where we set ourselves apart is in our combination of innovative and time-tested approaches to customer care, product development, and global marketing.

We offer all of the advantages of working with a well-established corporation as well as the personalized attention that you deserve. As our valued customer, you will always be top priority to us.

The long-term commitment of B.B. Battery to the VRLA industry is the reason that we have invested and continue to invest in high tech machinery, intensive R&D and application specific product lines. It is our intention to produce “stationary” power for a rapidly evolving world while maintaining the basics that made us what we are today.

Thank you for your solid partnership with B.B. Battery and for being the driving force behind our success.

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries ( AGM), originally designed for use by the military in the 1980’s, are designed to solve many of the problems encountered with traditional flooded lead/acid batteries ( FLA’s). In AGM sealed batteries, the acid is absorbed between the plates and immobilized by a very fine fiberglass mat. No silica gel, as found in ‘Gel’ batteries, is necessary. This glass mat absorbs and immobilizes the acid while still keeping the acid available to the plates. This makes the AGM battery much more durable and resistant to vibration and allows a fast reaction between acid and plate material. If the battery is broken, no electrolyte will be spilled. Because of the design of AGM batteries, no maintenance is ever required. The battery case is sealed, enabling operation in almost any position. There is never any water to add, and no liquid will ever spill. A very low self discharge rate means the AGM battery can be stored for many months without losing its charge.

The AGM battery can not be damaged by freezing and retains 80-90% of it’s capacity in sub zero temperatures. The AGM battery will not emit any harmful gasses making them safe to operate where ventilation is minimal. An AGM battery will never corrode and will typically last much longer than traditional FLA type batteries.

The B&B, AGM battery is available in many sizes. Our most commonly requested sizes and types are shown here. All are deep cycle type suited for accessory or ‘house’ use in RV and Marine environments. Other ‘starting’ types, not shown here, are available. The B&B battery comes with a 2 year unconditional manufacturers warranty, one of the best in the industry. The dimensions of an AGM battery are slightly different than automotive types. Measure the installation space carefully and verify the fit before ordering.

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