120V Portable Power Packs

120V Portable Power Packs

No need to tear up your boat or RV to enjoy the freedom of solar. Great for emergency power outages, ranches, sheds, storm shelters, picnics, travel, or anywhere else portable power may be needed.

Try a portable power pack. Use your portable solar charger to charge your portable power pack. Just plug your camper or boat into a power pack and you will enjoy 12/120 volt power throughout your entire camper or boat, just as if you plugged into shore power (*please note that this will not work your air conditioning).

If a pre-made power pack won’t suit your needs, we can build one for you or help you make one yourself. Give us a call and see how affordable and easy it is to have free, reusable, clean energy from the sun.

2000 watt 120 volt portable power pack. 300 amp hours

600 watt 120 volt portable power pack. 110 amp hours

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