About Us

The first camper my wife and I bought we wanted to be able to run without the need for gas generators and or shore power. I went to the web to get started but quickly discovered that it was confusing, difficult to find what I needed, required many hours of reading, learning, and searching to achieve my final goal of off the grid power. R.T.S. SOLAR SOLUTIONS is dedicated to camping, marine, RV, and emergency preparedness solar systems that are easy to understand, affordable, offers the products a customer needs, with good technical support and business ethics. R.T.S SOLAR SOLUTIONS bottom line is to help answer questions and steer the customer in the right direction to there final goal of achieving OFF THE GRID SOLAR FREEDOM.

Our intent with R.T.S SOLAR SOLUTIONS is to be a leading provider of camping, marine, RV solar chargers, portable power packs, and accessories. Our core business values are honesty, integrity, ethics, and good business standards across the board. We take pride in offering the best products available featuring high efficiency SOLAR LAND USA panels. B.& B. Battery, Blue Sky, Genasun, Relion, Samlex, Seawide, Solarland, SuperBrightLED, and Xantrex. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers the very best that we can. Let us help you cut the cord, get off the grid, and start on your way to free renewable energy from the sun.